How Does Microincisional Glaucoma Surgery Differ From Traditional?

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Microincisional glaucoma surgery, or MIGS, is the culmination of newer, more effective medical techniques. Therapeutic science is constantly evolving, and some amazing improvements are being made in the visual field.

Glaucoma is among the most pressing concerns, as it can imperceptibly and gradually cause blindness, as it has for millions of people worldwide. But it doesn’t have to be so because, at Ticho Eye Associates, we employ a range of effective ocular therapies for your optimal outcome.

If you have glaucoma or any concerns, schedule a consultation with board-certified ophthalmologist Dr. Benjamin Ticho at one of our practices in Chicago Ridge, IL, Tinley Park, IL, or Munster, IN to help prevent future problems and maintain your eyesight.

What makes glaucoma so dangerous?

Unlike many other eye conditions, glaucoma isn’t a single disorder. It’s a family of related disorders caused by excess pressure within the eye. Generally, this is caused by a build-up of fluid within the intraocular spaces, possibly due to blockages that keep this fluid trapped inside the eye. Without intervention, the fluid continues to back up, and the pressure constantly builds. This potential runaway effect harms the tissues of the eye, notably the optic nerve. And since the optic nerve transmits signals from the eye to the brain, damage incurred here causes vision loss.

These unfortunate consequences will not subside or go away on their own, making glaucoma one of the world’s leading causes of blindness. Equally dangerous is the way it occurs: quietly. Among the few ocular disorders with a nickname, glaucoma is referred to as “the silent thief of sight” because it often manifests and progresses without any apparent sign or symptom.

It gradually robs individuals of their eyesight, beginning at the periphery and moving toward the center of one’s field of vision. And by the time this is noticeable, irreversible damage has already been done, which is why scheduling regular eye exams is crucial to maintaining your sight and overall eye health for as long as possible.

How does microincisional glaucoma surgery (MIGS) differ from traditional?

Ticho Eye Associates has helped many patients manage their glaucoma, and we offer a number of potential treatments to help preserve your sight. These may include eye drops, surgery, or laser-based therapies.

Unfortunately, glaucoma is not curable. But with management and preventive techniques, we can assist you in preserving as much of your vision as possible. Though this means that no treatment option is permanent, some do yield long-lasting benefits that can stave off vision loss by relieving the intraocular pressure that damages the optic nerve.

One excellent avenue is the previously mentioned microincisional glaucoma surgery, or MIGS. It differs from traditional methods by being simpler and less invasive. The “microincisional” in MIGS means that it only requires a tiny (micro) incision, made by an ultra-precise laser technology formulated for accuracy, efficiency, and avoiding “collateral damage” to adjacent eye tissues.

By making a small incision, this highly specialized tech can allow fluid to drain from the intraocular regions, relieving the crushing pressure that would otherwise rob you of your vision.

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Even a decade ago, the options for dealing with glaucoma were severely limited. But board-certified ophthalmologist Dr. Benjamin Ticho is excited to offer you a spectrum of modern treatments, ranging from eye drops to MIGS.

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