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About glaucoma treatment

Thanks to modern advancements in eye care, patients with glaucoma can choose from several innovative approaches for managing their disease. The goal of glaucoma management is to detect it before it has progressed to an advanced stage. At Ticho Eye Associates, we offer several surgical and nonsurgical approaches for glaucoma. If you live in Chicago Ridge, IL, Tinley Park, IL, or Munster, IN, we invite you to contact our office to set up a comprehensive eye exam. Our team can evaluate your condition to determine which treatment approach is best for you. We look forward to serving you.

What are the benefits?

At Ticho Eye Associates, we understand how debilitating glaucoma can be. Our Chicago Ridge, IL patients who receive treatment for their glaucoma typically enjoy benefits that include:

  • Quick, in-office procedure
  • Lowering pressure amounts that glaucoma puts on your eye
  • Prevents and slows further loss of vision
  • Protects the optic nerve from experiencing further damage

Candidates For Glaucoma Treatment

Anyone who is living with glaucoma that may not be easily controlled with medication and/or lifestyle changes can be a great candidate for glaucoma treatments at Ticho Eye Associates. Patients who want to reduce their reliance on medications and glasses or contacts can also be candidates. During your consultation, we will perform a thorough eye exam and review your medical history to determine which of our effective glaucoma treatments are the best option to help treat your glaucoma, lower eye pressure, and preserve your eye health.

types of glaucoma surgeries

Our team of ophthalmologists at Ticho Eye Associates specializes in medical, laser, and surgical treatments for glaucoma. The most common approaches we use for managing glaucoma include minimally invasive glaucoma surgery (MIGS), laser therapy, and prescription eye drops. While each of these techniques has its benefits and limitations, they are all designed to reduce eye pressure, preserve the optic nerve, slow disease progression, and maintain optimal vision. During your initial treatment planning session, we can review these procedures in detail and help answer all your questions.

Microincisional glaucoma surgery

Patients with glaucoma can choose from several innovative approaches for managing their disease thanks to new and modern procedures. Microincisional glaucoma surgery, or minimally invasive glaucoma surgery, is a highly specialized technique designed to reduce eye pressure by improving fluid drainage from the eye. This means you won't need to rely on prescription drops for the foreseeable future. MIGS also minimize your risk of complications and offers a much faster recovery than traditional procedures.

Glaucoma treatments FAQs

Which glaucoma treatment is right for me?

The best procedure depends on your overall goals as a glaucoma patient. Our options range from simple prescription eye drops to laser therapy and surgery. When options like drops don't meet your needs, we may recommend a procedure like MIGS. The professionals at Ticho Eye Associates can perform an assessment and explain the details in full during a consultation.

Is glaucoma treatment permanent?

One of the main goals of glaucoma treatment is to preserve your vision as much as possible. While many of our options are not designed to be permanent, they can alleviate pressure on the optic nerve and prevent damage that causes vision loss. Some treatments are more long-lasting than others in controlling the overall progression of the disease.

Can glaucoma treatment improve my eyesight?

Glaucoma treatment cannot reverse any damage that has already occurred to your optic nerve. This is why regular eye exams in Chicago Ridge, IL, are so essential. Patients who catch and treat glaucoma early on can stop vision loss from occurring and protect their eyesight in the long run.


Up until a decade ago, patients experiencing moderate to advanced glaucoma had only one option for treatment. Today, there are several safe and effective treatment options to choose from. To learn more about how these therapies can help manage your glaucoma and safeguard your eyesight, contact Ticho Eye Associates. We are conveniently located in Chicago Ridge, IL, Tinley Park, IL, and Munster, IN.

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