When is Microincisional Glaucoma Surgery an Option for Patients?

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Glaucoma is not a single disorder but a family of ocular conditions that attack the optic nerve. The optic nerve is the crucial link between the eyes and the brain, and untreated glaucoma progressively steals one’s vision and can eventually lead to blindness. Even though glaucoma refers to multiple conditions, the cause of damage is almost always the same: an excessive build-up of pressure within the eye. Many ocular tissues, including the blood vessels that supply nutrients, are intricately delicate, and this runaway pressure can cause irreversible damage.

Glaucoma’s “sneakiness” is one of its most dangerous aspects, which is why it’s important to seek routine ocular care services such as eye exams with our board-certified ophthalmologist Dr. Benjamin Ticho.

This is especially important for those over 60, as glaucoma primarily affects this age group. So, if you have any concerns, or have noticed changes in your vision, please don’t hesitate to contact us at Ticho Eye Associates in Chicago Ridge, IL, Tinley Park, IL, or Munster, IN.

We offer multiple treatments to preserve your vision and eye health

Unfortunately, glaucoma is incurable. But you don’t have to resign yourself to a life of poor vision because we offer multiple effective treatment options. And by being proactive about your eye health and scheduling routine exams, we can catch and diagnose this issue as early as possible.

And the earlier you act, the better your chance of maintaining as much of your vision as possible and averting more serious future issues. In fact, glaucoma is called “the silent thief of sight” since its early stages cause no readily apparent symptoms. So, we’re committed to offering you numerous treatment avenues, including laser-based procedures, eye drops, and MIGS, which is detailed below. And, as always, we’ll consider every personal and health aspect to develop your optimal wellness strategy.

When is microincisional glaucoma surgery an option for patients?

Microincisional glaucoma surgery is also called minimally invasive glaucoma surgery, or MIGS. And its name quickly attests to one of its most significant benefits: it’s minimally invasive. Therefore, it only requires a tiny (micro)incision to do its job of treating glaucoma by attacking its main cause, increased intraocular pressure.

MIGS is one of our most used treatment methods due to its efficacy, safety, and track record of success. Using the latest technologies and refined techniques, our doctors make a tiny incision (hence the “microincisional”) at particular, carefully selected points to help improve fluid drainage in the eye. With enhanced fluid drainage, the pressure within the eye decreases to save the optic nerve and other structures from preventable damage. Plus, patients benefit from a minimized risk of complications and an accelerated, easier recovery period.

Guard against glaucoma

Unfortunately, many people do not even know they have glaucoma, and by the time it becomes apparent, irreparable damage may have occurred. But you can help guard against glaucoma and protect your vision by contacting us at Ticho Eye Associates to see Dr. Benjamin Ticho.

If you’ve noticed changes in your eyesight, or have any worries, please schedule a consultation today in Chicago Ridge, IL, Tinley Park, IL, or Munster, IN.

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