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Are Your Eyes Misaligned? Consider Strabismus Surgery

Benjamin Ticho, M.D. | 04/14/2021

Strabismus surgery in Chicago can address symptoms like double vision and a cross-eyed appearance. Learn how the process works to treat misalignment.


What is the Goal of Minimally Invasive Glaucoma Surgery?

Benjamin Ticho, M.D. | 03/30/2021

When you’re interested in glaucoma treatment in Chicago, consider MIGS eye surgery.


Now Offering a Flash Sale on any Lumenis IPL Services!

Financial Department | 03/19/2021



Contact Lens Overwear

Benjamin Ticho, M.D. | 03/05/2021

Are you over-wearing your contact lenses? Read to learn more.


Congratulations to Dr. Benjamin Ticho!

Ophthalmic Technicians | 02/23/2021

Top Doctor 2021


How Does Femtosecond Laser Assisted Cataract Surgery Work?

Benjamin Ticho, M.D. | 02/04/2021

Laser assisted cataract surgery is great for those looking to remove a cataract with more precision and less side effects than traditional removal.


Honey, Eye Home!

Benjamin Ticho, M.D. | 12/21/2020

With another COVID surge there is increasing demand for technologies to allow healthcare assessments to take place away from clinics.


7 Medical-Grade Supplies that Every Household Should Have

Benjamin Ticho, M.D. | 12/14/2020

Whether a minor scrape, sprain, bacterial infection, flu or otherwise, you can never be too prepared.


In Loving Memory of Dr. Karl E. Ticho (1926-2020)

Benjamin Ticho, M.D. | 12/10/2020

Dr. Karl E. Ticho founded his ophthalmology practice in 1957, and worked in Oak Lawn and then Chicago Ridge for close to 60 years.


This Is Not MADE Up!

Benjamin Ticho, M.D. | 12/03/2020

Here are a few COVID-19 related eye care notes.


Are our Phones, Laptops and Tablets Hurting our Eyes?

Benjamin Ticho, M.D. | 11/18/2020

Are our phones, laptops, and tablets hurting our eyes? Read to find out here.


Happy Birthday Dr. Ticho!

Benjamin Ticho, M.D. | 11/11/2020

Happy Birthday Dr. Ticho!


November is Diabetic Eye Disease Awareness Month!

Benjamin Ticho, M.D. | 11/04/2020

It’s diabetic eye disease awareness month! We would like to encourage everyone to help us bring light to diabetic eye disease.


Happy Halloween from Ticho Eye Associates!

Benjamin Ticho, M.D. | 10/31/2020

Happy Halloween from Ticho Eye Associates!


Unhappy With Your Post Cataract Surgery Results?

Benjamin Ticho, M.D. | 10/24/2020

Up to 50% of cataract surgery patients experience annoying symptoms immediately after their operation, according to Dr. Benjamin Ticho.


Multi-Symptom Relief for Thyroid Eye Disease

Benjamin Ticho, M.D. | 10/14/2020

To learn more about thyroid eye disease treatment, read here.


World Sight Day

Benjamin Ticho, M.D. | 10/08/2020

Today is world sight day, which brings awareness to global blindness and vision impairment.


93% of Millennials Forgo Preventive Care Even With Health Insurance

Benjamin Ticho, M.D. | 10/01/2020

Millennials are highly indifferent to scheduling healthcare visits with their doctor, even if that visit is covered by insurance.


Tired of Eye Drops?

Benjamin Ticho, M.D. | 09/24/2020

Tired of Eye Drops? Read here.


Now Offering Hydrafacial!

Benjamin Ticho, M.D. | 09/16/2020

In need of facial rejuvenation? Mention this post and receive FREE botox ($70 value) with any Hydrafacial service!


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