What is Vision Like With Strabismus?

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Strabismus is one of the toughest eye conditions to deal with because the condition involves the eyes not aligning in the same direction at the same time. The eyes have a difficult time focusing on the same object at once, thus creating a crossed-eye look. While strabismus can be difficult and frustrating to manage, board-certified ophthalmologist Dr. Benjamin Ticho at Ticho Eye Associates can properly assess your situation and provide a treatment to fix your strabismus in n Chicago Ridge or Tinley Park, IL, or Munster. IN.

Struggling to focus

The most common part of a patient’s vision with strabismus is that some objects may not be in focus. It is easier to see things when both eyes focus on the same object, but when the eyes are concentrated on two separate things, it becomes harder for the person to maintain focus. The patient might have to close one eye to focus on something or get a clear view of an item. The eye can become weak because of a lack of use.

Double vision

Double vision can also occur in one or both eyes in patients suffering from strabismus. The eyes may focus on different parts of one object, producing an effect where the same item appears twice in one’s field of vision. Double vision can eventually lead to other vision problems.

Misalignment of the eyes

A patient can develop different types of strabismus: exotropia and esotropia. These conditions involve the inability to move the eyes in the proper direction. With exotropia, the eyes turn outward, which is the opposite of cross-eyed. Esotropia is where the eyes turn inward. This is most common in children, but adults can develop esotropia as well.

How can strabismus be diagnosed?

Our team at Ticho Eye Associates in Chicago Ridge, IL, Tinley Park, IL, or Munster, IN can diagnose strabismus by reviewing your eyes. You will undergo testing to see how your eyes turn when looking at different items. Your responses will be important to see how certain shifts occur. Thorough testing is needed to confirm if you have strabismus.

What treatment works?

It is easier to treat the condition when spotted early, especially if there are concerns with how well the eyes function. You may require specialized eyeglasses or contact lenses to resolve your treatment. Prism lenses may also work in some situations because the design alters the light that enters the eye and reduces the turning that the eye completes viewing images. This treatment keeps the eyes in place and can resolve strabismus when managed well.

Many treatments can resolve strabismus with special eyeglasses, eye exercises, or eye patches. Extreme cases may require eye muscle surgery if none of these treatment options work. A surgical procedure will change the length of the muscles around the eyes, making it harder for them to veer off a path. The procedure can work well, but only a trained ophthalmologist, like Dr. Ticho, will be able to properly assess your situation.

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Strabismus can be a troubling condition, but it can be resolved if spotted soon enough. If you feel like you or your child suffers from strabismus, contact us at Ticho Eye Associates for a complete consultation. Board-certified ophthalmologist Dr. Benjamin Ticho and the team at Ticho Eye Associates provide services to patients near Chicago Ridge, Tinley Park, and Munster, IN. Visit us online to schedule an appointment for services at any of our three locations.

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