Meet Our Team

14 Team Members
  • Benjamin Ticho, M.D.

    Benjamin Ticho, M.D.


    Dr. Benjamin Ticho is a board-certified ophthalmologist in Chicago Ridge, IL who specializes in general and medical eye care for patients of all ages.

  • Ophthalmic Technicians

    Ophthalmic Technicians

    Ophthalmic Technicians

    Our ophthalmic technicians are highly skilled medical professionals who work closely with our eye doctors to provide attentive patient care.

  • Opticians



    Our caring team of opticians is trained in fixing eyeglasses and contact lenses to verify a proper fit for optimal comfort and corrective eyesight.

  • Derek Dawson, M.D.

    Derek Dawson, M.D.


    Dr. Derek Dawson is a board-certified ophthalmologist who has been serving Munster, IN patients with high-quality eye care for over 40 years.

  • Laura Sanders, M.D.

    Laura Sanders, M.D.


    Dr. Laura Sanders is an ophthalmologist who specializes in oculoplastic and orbital reconstructive surgery to correct medical and aesthetic concerns.

  • Scheduling



    Our talented scheduling team works diligently to manage all patient appointments and follow-up exams to ensure prompt and clear communication.

  • Financial Department

    Financial Department

    Financial Department

    Our finance team serves as the liaison between our office, insurance providers, and our patients to ensure all billing information is accurate.

  • Thomas John, M.D.

    Thomas John, M.D.


    Dr. Thomas John is a world-renowned ophthalmologist in Chicago, IL who specializes in lamellar keratoplasty and sutureless corneal transplant.

  • Darin Strako, O.D.

    Darin Strako, O.D.


    Dr. Darin Strako is a licensed optometrist who specializes in pediatric and medical optometry in the Chicagoland area.

  • Management



    Our management team provides essential support to our administrators, doctors, and medical staff to ensure the office runs smoothly and efficiently.

  • Aida Zabaneh, O.D.

    Aida Zabaneh, O.D.


    Dr. Zabaneh is a doctor of optometry who specializes in primary eye care.

  • Sawliha Seedat, O.D.

    Sawliha Seedat, O.D.


    Dr. Sawliha Seedat is an experienced optometrist in the Chicagoland area.

  • Micaela Quebbemann, C.O.

    Micaela Quebbemann, C.O.


    Micaela Quebbemann is a skilled orthoptist who specializes in vision therapy (VT) and the treatment of strabismus, double vision, and amblyopia.

  • Cassandra Koutnik, O.D.

    Cassandra Koutnik, O.D.

    Pediatric Optometrist

    Dr. Cassandra Koutnik is a seasoned optometrist who provides primary eye care for pediatric patients and adults in the Greater Chicago area.